Churches & Charities

You have the message.  You have a passionate community.  Now you can reach your local audience–and far beyond–with short online sermons, parish or organization updates, weekly bible studies, words of encouragement, and even asks.   You don’t need to hire or schedule a production team, either.  The Little Prompter can help you deliver your message . . .  simply and flawlessly.

Here are some ideas for how you can use the Little Prompter:

  • Introduce an upcoming sermon
  • Raise awareness of your cause
  • Offer weekly bible study prompts
  • Succinctly summarize a homily
  • Invite new members or donors
  • Connect personally through staff and volunteer testimonies
  • Share the stories of those you serve
  • Encourage reflection . . . and action

There are lots of ways to witness, to connect, and to grow your community through video.  The key is a confident, smooth delivery with directly eye contact into camera.  The Little Prompter helps you do just that.

Here’s how you make it happen:

  1. Write your story
  2. Load it on a teleprompter app
  3. Flawlessly deliver your message directly into your camera or computer.

Consider ordering a Little Prompter for your church, organization, your favorite charity, or . . . yourself, and watch how a seamless delivery into the camera can help you witness directly to your audience, wherever they are.

And may God continue to bless the work you do!

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