Dann Hurlbert works directly with faculty at an impressive midwestern college to develop instructional videos.  He spent 15 years teaching video production and theatre and worked as a professional actor and director–appearing in 40-50 television commercials and nearly that many stage productions.  His MFA thesis included producing an instructional video entitled “How to Write and Produce Your Own High School Musical,” which is currently being distributed through Films Media Group.  He’s got a certificate in online teaching through UW Stout, and the experience to back it up.  In his current role, Dann works with dozens of faculty to help them create effective instructional videos.

The Little Prompter is one of those simple tools that help you maximize your preparation time–and positively impact your viewer’s response.

Feel free to bounce him some questions through this form.   He’ll get back to you.  He’s that kind of guy.


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