Meet the Little Prompter

The Little Prompter is a compact, versatile, and easy to use tool that helps you quickly deliver a polished video to your students, to your employees, or to the public.  Up until now, teleprompters have been clunky, expensive, and difficult to operate–and many required film studios or a production team.  The Little Prompter changes all of that.   It’s a simple tool that promises to help you nail a smooth delivery using just a smartphone and your desktop computer, DLSR, or webcam.

Using the Little Prompter, you’re more confident, your eye contact is better, and your delivery is . . . sensational.  Here’s what it looks like in action:

Here are some of the impressive details

  • The Little Prompter can operate with just your computer’s built in camera and microphone.  It can also pair easily with a webcam, DLSR, or handicam.
  • The lightweight, attractive, and durable body weighs less than a pound, is made of expanded PVC, and fits in the palm of your hand at just 6”x6”x6”.
  • The strong and adjustable tripod attachment support bar (used when attaching cameras) is constructed of sturdy 6061 aluminum—the same material used in airplane wings and fuselages—for easy and reliable attachment to most DSLRs, webcams, and small handheld cameras
  • The professional grade 70/30 BeamSplitter glass offers high transparency for camera and high reflectiveness for text.  Seriously, this is the good stuff.
  • Easily adjustable tension screws with protective rubberized caps for securing Little Prompter to computer monitor or ipad
  • Works for most smartphones and ipods (5”x3” max)

A Little Prompter purchase includes:

  • Tripod Mounting Hardware:  support bar and associated screws (standard ¼” 20 threads)

Not Included:

  • Video camera, computer, or smart device.
  • Teleprompter software is not included—but reliable apps can be easily downloaded from the Apps store. Prices range from free to $15.  *We recommend Teleprompter Premium by Joe Allen, but any teleprompter app with the mirroring feature can work.
  • Video recording software is not included, but common screencasting software such as QuickTime, ScreenFlow, Camtasia, or Jing–or lecture capture software like YuJa, Panopto, Echo360, or Tegrity–can record video from your computer. Videos can also be recorded directly using many stand-alone cameras.

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