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Video isn’t just a marketing tool, it’s an essential communication tool.  Business professionals are beginning to use video as the preferred communication tool, and it’s easy to see why.  Forbes offers 5 Ways to Use Video for Small Business Growth by stating that video

  • “is the most engaging type of content available today”
  • “shows you and your product in action.”
  • “can increase conversions by 80%” notes 5 Reasons Businesses Should Focus on Creating Video Content, including that video

  • “creates a unique emotional connection”
  • “creates an organic syndication process for content, further spreading to blogs, social media profiles and websites.”
  • “has longer user engagement periods”

We already know that video can dramatically increase SEO, and that Cisco predicts unprecedented growth in video use . . . but it’s important to be practical, too.  Below are some practical ways you can use video for your business, and the Little Prompter can help you delivery your content seamlessly:

  • Business Owners and Administrators give comprehensive quarterly reports without a stutter
  • Journalists transform written copy into an engaging on-camera report
  • Relators giving an image-rich guided tour of a new property without stammering in search of the right descriptive word
  • Investment Bankers and Wealth Managers provide clients financial forecasts without insecure-sounding fillers such as ums and uhs
  • Pastors smoothly deliver a preview to (or their entire) weekly sermons online
  • Service Providers walk potential clients effortlessly through detailed product descriptions
  • Doctors and Technicians offer confident descriptions of procedures while looking directly in their patient’s or customer’s eyes
  • Management and Supervisors are able to boost morale, maintain consistent messaging, increase productivity, and promote initiatives broadly
  • Bloggers wanting add flawless on-camera deliveries to their repertoire
  • And below are 16 more ways to use video internally from


Order your Little Prompter for your management team, sales staff, or . . . yourself, and watch how a seamless delivery directly into the camera can positively impact your messaging and your bottom line.