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iGlasses: Solving the Wide-Angle iSight Camera Problem

Kudos to ecamm for developping iglasses, a great tool that allows vloggers and online instructors adjust their built in iOS camera’s Field of View!  Apple has overlooked it for too long, and ecamm now lets you zoom in to adjust your field of view (and several unnecessary video effects) with a simple app.  I’ve tried it.  It works, and it gives iOS users great flexibility when using their built-in isight cameras.  Well done ecamm!

And here are a couple other options:

  • Altercam is a similar option for PC users that lets you add filters and zoom using your computer’s built-in camera.  It includes color filters and a zoom feature, and works with other apps like Skype, Zoom, Facetime and more.
  • ProCam for Logitech Webcams let’s those with nearly any Logitech Webcam adjust their field of view, color temperature, and much more.  Like the those listed above, it works with a variety of webcasting and recording tools–and I like this one best.
ecamm iGlasses Effects
ecamm’s iGlasses gives you simple, practical video tools . . . and weird effects.
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Which Teleprompter App?

A good teleprompter app must allow you to mirror your text and give you the option of adjusting or controlling the speed of the scroll. Here’s what I recommend: Joe Allen’s Teleprompter Premium, and Drunken Bear Media’s Teleprompter Pro:  both have all the basic tools and are reasonably priced.
(More tips at

Recommended Teleprompter Apps for the Little Prompter
The Little Prompter Team Recommends these Teleprompter Apps: Teleprompter Premium by Joe Allen and Teleprompter Pro by Drunken Bear Media.
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Compare Your On-Camera Delivery

August 31, 2018

After being on the market only a few months, we’re now averaging 12+ Little Prompter sales a week!  I also just got an email from John, a Little Prompter user in Australia.  He wrote

“I was given one of your Little Prompters and used it today in a webinar.  [My colleague] couldn’t believe how much easier it made my delivery than hers, as she had to take several goes to get her presentation right. So I’ve now bought her one!  Thanks so much for inventing such a lovely little gadget that reduces the stress and pain of making short videos!”  

This is a great reminder that using a Little Prompter can make your delivery stand out from those who don’t use one.  Thanks, John, and everyone, for spreading the word about this great little tool!


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Prompted to Go World-Wide

The number of requests we’ve received from people to make the Little Prompter available around the world is fantastic . . . and humbling.  Thanks to everyone from Slovenia to New Zealand and from Switzerland to New York!  While we’re already selling Little Prompters on our website and through, we’re also working with re-sellers overseas to make the Little Prompter more easily accessible globally.  Until then, anyone anywhere can now order a Little Prompter at!

LP 3x3 Simple Tool Logo on BLUE EUROPE_Now Shipping Anywhere


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The Little Prompter & Your iPad

Most ipads and tablets have a great built-in camera. The Little Prompter can slide neatly over your ipad, so the camera can look through the Little Prompter’s glass. You still need a smart device with a teleprompter app to rest on the Little Prompter’s tray, and be able to stand your ipad up, but the Little Prompter is defintely able to help you have a flawless delivery using your ipad or tablet!

Here’s another shot of it from the side:
LP on iPad Sideview Dining Room Table_for web

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Who should be on camera in your Instructional Video?

Effective instructional videos can vary in style.  This short video, inspired by an Arizona State University study, reveals preferences and effectiveness in two different styles:

  1. Should you teach to the camera/viewer or
  2. Should you teach a student who is also on camera and film that interaction?

This video featuring Dann Hurlbert, Carleton College’s Media & Design Guru succinctly recaps a 2018 study from ASU’s Katelyn M Cooper, Lu Ding, Michelle Stephens, Michelene T. H. Chi, and Sara E Brownell.  And, you bet, Dann used a Little Prompter to ensure a flawless delivery.

*this blog post was originally posted on Carleton College’s Academic Technology Blog

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Facing Instructional Videos

In my role at Carleton College, I work directly with faculty to help them plan, produce, and evaluate darn-good instructional videos.  One topic that often comes up is “should I include my face in the video?”  My gut answer is . . . “yes.”  Various studies indicate videos with faces are preferred by students, and any chance we have to help students enjoy their learning, the better.  Here’s a short video that brings all that research together into a single, easily consumable nugget:

And for those interested in keeping up with Academic Technology at Carleton, here’s our blog.

Instructional Video

Getting Good Video: Tip 3 of 3, Get Good Audio

Getting Good Audio:  Of course you can always purchase excellent quality microphones, but the Little Prompter is designed to work with your existing microphone—either your device’s onboard mic or the one you attach separately.

Regardless of the microphone you use, your focus is to eliminate background noise as much as possible.  This means finding a quiet location to record, turn off fans or other noisy appliances, and be aware of the hums of air-conditioners.  In life, we tend to tune those sounds out without even noticing, but on video those background hums and hisses can be very distracting.

In the rare case where your onboard microphone is entirely covered by the Little Prompter—which happens with just a few device models—you may want to purchase a good quality USB mic, too, but give the Little Prompter a test run first.