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Video Tips from NAB 2019 (and looking forward to it again in 2020!)

Summer has wrapped. Cooler temps are on us, and I’m already looking hopefully forward to another insightful (and warm) National Association of Broadcasters Conference in Las Vegas in April, 2020!  Check-out my short and keen Instructional Video Tips from NAB video on Carleton’s Academic Technology Blog!

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The iPhone 11 and the Little Prompter

The iPhone 11 Pro does what photographers and videographers have wanted for years, it offers a smartphone with a true optical zoom–without diminishing resolution. Now with the three camera system that features a telephoto lens, the iPhone 11 Pro has set itself above its competitors. Coupled with the lightweight and portable Little Prompter, an iPhone 11 Pro makes your video production studio even more mobile. This short video walks users through how the two impressive tools can help make your video production . . . flawless. Visit for more information on the Little Prompter, (and you can find information on the iPhone 11 Pro at your favorite Apple dealer).

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From an Actress and University Faculty

It’s great to hear from folks about how they’re using their Little Prompters. Today I received this short email from a university instructor and actress:

“Hi Dann, Thank you for the prompt response and information.  I’m looking forward to using the Little Prompter – both as an instructor at [University] and as an actress.  This is going to make the world of self-submits so much easier!Thank you again, [Name].”

A big thanks to this customer for giving Little Prompter a try, and I continue to enjoy hearing how instructors, actors, directors, small businesses, and churches and charities are benefiting from the Little Prompter!

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Another Great Review!

A huge thanks to Wendy H-W (who I don’t know but) who kindly posted the following review on Amazon. (I continue to be humbled by the positive and thoughtful response to the Little Prompter!)

“I was thrilled to find this because I have wanted a teleprompter FOREVER, but have been intimidated about the tech of it AND the need to buy a fancy pants high end camera. I’m a business strategist for entrepreneurs and have done a bazillion FB lives over the past three years for my group with a webcam perched on top of my monitor with crib notes. I’ve gotten super comfortable with that set-up, but wanted to up my game to start a Youtube channel to reach more people.

“I knew a teleprompter was what I needed and was tickled when I found this-with all the fantastic reviews and the flexibility to use it in so many situations-so I can use it with my current filming set-up, but still have it work for me in a year when I actually graduate to using a DSLR.

“It’s super easy to set up and use-important-because now that I have committed to Youtube, I don’t want to spend months figuring it out. I have played with all kinds of configurations from having it and the webcam (and my ring light) mounted on a desktop tripod to a regular tripod to on top of my laptop, and finally, back to the set-up I am used to-with it and the webcam perched on top of my monitor screen. I actually didn’t think I could have this last one because it’s not one of the scenarios Dann goes over in his videos-but, yes, it DOES work. I have not seen ANYTHING else out there that has that ease of use and flexibility.

“And, as many others have mentioned, the customer service from this company is off the charts. I have reached out with a few questions about teleprompter apps and stuff and Dann has responded immediately.

“If you’re hesitating on this: don’t. It doesn’t have a bazillion reviews (yet) because it’s newer than some of the other prompters out there. But it’s a gem.”

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The LP2 is Now Available!

Though both sales and feedback on the Little Prompter have been fantastic, we know there is always room for improvement. We’ve implemented some of our customers ideas, and we’re now selling the LP2! Available through, the Little Prompter 2 now features solid aluminum spacers and screws, a wider hole for camera lenses, and stronger, reinforced hooks.

The Little Prompter offers the same quality and lightweight design, but is now stronger, more sturdy, and even more versatile! The LP2 is available through this website and will become available through by August 1st. Order now, or let us know if you have any questions.

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Nearly 1,000 Flawless Professionals!

Who is buying Little Prompters? People like you from all over the world. Nearly 1,000 sold in the first year!

With a map and a whole lot of stickpins, it’s clear to see the Little Prompter has had a HUGE impact! Teachers, Business Professionals, Churches, Charities, and Vloggers around the world are now created flawless online videos! Thank you to those who supported the Little Prompter from the start–and a HUGE THANK YOU those of you who have purchased one of our lightweight and versatile teleprompters for your own videos! May you–and the Little Prompter–have a FLAWLESS 2019! –dann

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A Smartphone as the Recorder?

The Little Prompter requires a camera to record and a smart device with a teleprompter app to display and scroll the text. Your smartphone can actually function as either.  To use a smart device–such as an iphone–as the recording device, you’d also need to purchase a holder or tripod attachment such as the Neewer White Cellphone Holder or the Ivation Universal Tripod Stand Mount for Smartphones. (Both are available on Amazon.)  Below are a couple pictures of what it might look like.  My favorite configuration is still with a DSLR as the camera and my iphone running the teleprompter app, but if you’ve got an old smart phone around, you could put two smart phones to work to make some flawless video!

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Cleaning Beamsplitter Glass

Beamsplitter Glass

Quality Beamsplitter teleprompter glass is the only glass we use in the Little Prompter . . . and occasionally, you’ll need to clean it.  Because beamsplitter glass has a special coating, here’s how to care for it:

1.  Use rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol), warm water, or a NON-ammonia based cleaner such as Koala Lens Cleaner.

2.  Spray the glass or dampen a soft cotton cloth or microfiber cloth.  Do not use a paper towel.

3.  Gently wipe the glass with a smooth even motion until clean and streak free–being careful not to scratch or scrape the glass.

The outward facing glass is easy to access and wipe.  You’ll need to extend 2-3 fingers and a your cloth inside the back hole of the Little Prompter to clean the inside.

*a well-cared for pane of beamsplitter glass can easily last 10+ years without a loss of performance!

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iGlasses: Solving the Wide-Angle iSight Camera Problem

Kudos to ecamm for developping iglasses, a great tool that allows vloggers and online instructors adjust their built in iOS camera’s Field of View!  Apple has overlooked it for too long, and ecamm now lets you zoom in to adjust your field of view (and several unnecessary video effects) with a simple app.  I’ve tried it.  It works, and it gives iOS users great flexibility when using their built-in isight cameras.  Well done ecamm!

And here are a couple other options:

  • Altercam is a similar option for PC users that lets you add filters and zoom using your computer’s built-in camera.  It includes color filters and a zoom feature, and works with other apps like Skype, Zoom, Facetime and more.
  • ProCam for Logitech Webcams let’s those with nearly any Logitech Webcam adjust their field of view, color temperature, and much more.  Like the those listed above, it works with a variety of webcasting and recording tools–and I like this one best.

ecamm iGlasses Effects
ecamm’s iGlasses gives you simple, practical video tools . . . and weird effects.

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Which Teleprompter App?

A good teleprompter app must allow you to mirror your text and give you the option of adjusting or controlling the speed of the scroll. Here’s what I recommend: Joe Allen’s Teleprompter Premium, and Drunken Bear Media’s Teleprompter Pro:  both have all the basic tools and are reasonably priced.
(More tips at

Recommended Teleprompter Apps for the Little Prompter
The Little Prompter Team Recommends these Teleprompter Apps: Teleprompter Premium by Joe Allen and Teleprompter Pro by Drunken Bear Media.